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Carbide slitting saw blades

The use of carbide slitting saw blades has increased significantly in the last few years. Nowadays cutting and slitting operations are done, for the most part, with these kind of slitting saw blades. The development solid carbide slitting saw blades, with better wear resistance and higher toughness compared to HSS slitting saw blades. Solid carbide slitting saw blades are used for cutting steels with hardness up to HRC 62.

Advantages of solid Carbide slitting saw blades

The advantages of using Carbide slitting saw blades compared to standard HSS slitting saw blades consist in a significant increase in tool life when machiningcertain types of materials and the possibility to machine hard/heat-treated steels otherwise impossible to machine with HSS slitting saw blades.In particular, in the slitting of abrasive materials such as cast iron or aluminium-silicon alloys (Si > 10%), the saw blade life can reach 8-10 times that of an equivalent slitting saw blade in HSS. All slitting saw blades made from solid carbide advantages are an increased tool life and a reduction in cycle times.

Solid carbide slitting saw blades can be used on all types of steels, including stainless steels, and on aluminium. The Solid carbide slitting saw blades have higher performance and longer lifetime comparing HSS slitting saw blades. For example, on steel the increase in tool life compared to HSS slitting saw blades can reach up to 20 times.

It is important for solid carbide slitting saw blades to use the right cutting speeds recommended, starting from the lowest value moving upwards.

The new types of solid carbide slitting saw blades have been developed in order to fulfill growing industrial demands for higher productivity on a wide range of materials and the increased diffusion of modern CNC machines.

Carbide slitting saw blades characteristics

  • Solid carbide slitting saw blades are produced in top quality powder metallurgy high speed steel, HSSK
  • The specific cutting geometry for solid carbide slitting saw blades allows high cutting speeds In order to work at the requested cutting speed during the entire machining process, the spindle must be able to accelerate to full final speed before the slitting process begins

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