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Knurling Wheels and Forming Wheels

Cutting- or forming knurling wheels made according to customer requirements can be made in a short time are produced from HSS steel, hardened to 64 HRC:

  • Corner forming wheel
  • Cutting knurling wheels
  • Forming knurling Wheel

The use of cutting knurling wheels is recommended for shortcutting materials such as brass, bronze, casting, aluminum alloys, plastics as well as materials with high firmness. The cutting wheel has sharp-edged teeth. In order to machine the part by cutting, the wheel has to be at an angle to the axis of rotation.

The use of rolling knurling wheels is recommended for steel and steel tubes.

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ČSN 222916 - rough teeth, tooth form B The saw blades ČSN 222916 with rough teeth and teeth form B are very efficient for cutting steel materials.
Slitting saws DIN 1837 A High quality slitting saw, designed especialy for high performance. Slitting saws produced in Europe - Czech Republic.

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