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Using the saw blade in the food industry

For a long time we deliver our blades and cutters around the world. Many cutting machine is equipped with our cutting knives, cutters and blades!

Our products are optimized continuously until today and the growing demands of us offer many innovative strategies that are a challenge for us to satisfy them. Our customers are satisfied with the outstanding performance of cut quality and durability of our cutting blades and saws, which are manufactured to order in extra large sizes. Today we are rightly world leader in the market with our cutting tools.

Our best technical support and production of cutting tools is a result that is only as good as the cutting tool is in operation. Long tradition and experience in the manufacture of our products enable the continuous development of innovative new products. High quality products along with strong customer focus are services that provide global leading brand in the professional field!

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ČSN 222916 - rough teeth, tooth form B The saw blades ČSN 222916 with rough teeth and teeth form B are very efficient for cutting steel materials.
Slitting saws DIN 1837 A High quality slitting saw, designed especialy for high performance. Slitting saws produced in Europe - Czech Republic.

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