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Surface Finishes and PVD Coatings for HSS saw blades

Company GSP-High Tech Saws, s.r.o can provide such PVD coating: CrN (chrome), TiN (Titanium), TiCN (Titanium Carbo Nitrite), AlTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitrite), AlTiCrN (Aluminum Titanium Chrome Nitrite).

  • Bright – a high performance coating forgeneral purpose steel cutting
  • Black Oxide - for general purpose cuttingof solids and shapes
  • TiN – for general purpose for cuttingmedium hard steel tubes and shapes
  • TiCN – a high performance coating forcutting hard and stainless steels
  • AlTiN – multi-layer coating for abrasivesteels and high cutting speeds

Coatings Characteristics


  • forming applications
  • molds and dies
  • machine components
  • optimum release for forming tools
  • low deposition temperature possible (around 200°C)
ICO Coatings
Coating Color Nanohardness
CrN metal-silver 18(GPa)
Thickness Friction Coefficient Max Usage Temp. -C
2.5µm 0.30 700


The most widely used general-purpose cost-effective coating for ferrous and non-ferrous materials:

  • Cutting
  • Forming
  • Injection molding
  • Wear parts

ICO Coatings

Coating Color Nanohardness
TiN gold 24(GPa)
Thickness Friction Coefficient Max Usage Temp. -C
2.5µm 0.55 600


Best suited for:

  • Interrupted cutting
  • Milling and tapping
  • Stamping, punching and forming
  • Stainless steel cutting (300 series or non-ferrous)

ICO Coatings

Coating Color Nanohardness
TiCN blue-grey 37(GPa)
Thickness Friction Coefficient Max Usage Temp. -C
2.5µm 0.20 400

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ČSN 222916 - rough teeth, tooth form B The saw blades ČSN 222916 with rough teeth and teeth form B are very efficient for cutting steel materials.
Slitting saws DIN 1837 A High quality slitting saw, designed especialy for high performance. Slitting saws produced in Europe - Czech Republic.

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