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Resharpening Services, Maintenance and In-Plant Support

The company GSP-High Tech Saws, s.r.o.   offers a complete regrinding and repair service returning your high-speed steel saw blades to original specifications.

Each GSP-High Tech Saws, s.r.o.   blade sent in for repair is inspected for broken teeth, cracks, excessive wear and other visible defects. The blades are straightened to industry standard tolerances (or better) and are inspected after each repair operation is completed. All critical dimensions and tooth angles are checked and only blades that pass inspection will be shipped.

  • New and Repaired saws in-house up to 800mm in diameter.
  • Saw blade straightening.
  • Saw smithing and tensioning of saw blades up to 800 mm in diameter.
  • Retipping and Regrinding of Carbide tipped, High speed steel, Segmental, Friction and Hot saw blades.
  • Working with suppliers and using our own PVD chambers we test coatings, blade steels, and tooth forms to achieve the best performance for a given blade and material to be cut.
  • GSP-High Tech Saws, s.r.o.   blades have earned an international reputation for quality, cutting performance and cost efficiency.
  • GSP-High Tech Saws, s.r.o.   staff would be pleased to visit your factory to inspect your current operations and offer suggestions to increase tool life or production rates.

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ČSN 222916 - rough teeth, tooth form B The saw blades ČSN 222916 with rough teeth and teeth form B are very efficient for cutting steel materials.
Slitting saws DIN 1837 A High quality slitting saw, designed especialy for high performance. Slitting saws produced in Europe - Czech Republic.

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